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South Branch Codorus Creek Watershed Profile

South Branch Codorus Creek Station

Watershed Overview

South Branch Codorus Creek Watershed is located completely in York County, Pennsylvania. The creek generally flows south to north before it enters Codorus Creek near Leader Heights, Pennsylvania.

Drainage Characteristics

Monitored Drainage Area: 112.84 square miles

Population (2010): 38595

Total Stream Length: 182.2 miles

Stream miles impaired and dominant source/cause:

Average Annual Flow at Station (NHD): 140.7 cubic feet per second (cfs)

Maximum Flow Time from Headwaters: 25 hrs. 30 min.

South Branch Codorus Creek Watershed Map

Land Use (2006):

Natural Gas Drilling Pads (as tracked by SRBC): 0

Permitted Natural Gas Water Withdrawals: 0 Frac Water Withdrawals

Public Water Supply: 38 Groundwater Withdrawals and 0 Surface Water Withdrawals

Permitted Discharges and Type: NPDES sites

Underlying Geology: quartzite, limestone, schist, metabasalt, marble, and phyllite