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Sterling Run Watershed Profile

Sterling Run Station

Watershed Overview

The Sterling Run Watershed lies mostly within Cameron County, PA, with a small portion located in Elk County, PA. Sterling Run flows into the Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek near Sterling Run, Pennsylvania.

Drainage Characteristics

Monitored Drainage Area: 24.5 square miles

Population (2010): 169

Total Stream Length: 47.3 miles

Stream miles impaired and dominant source/cause: 9.9 miles impaired by AMD

Average Annual Flow at Station (NHD): 39.1 cubic feet per second (cfs)

Maximum Flow Time from Headwaters: 11 hrs. 9 min.

Sterling Run Watershed Map

Land Use (2006):

Natural Gas Drilling Pads (as tracked by SRBC): 5

Permitted Natural Gas Water Withdrawals: 1 Frac Water Withdrawals

Public Water Supply: 0 Groundwater Withdrawals and 0 Surface Water Withdrawals

Permitted Discharges and Type: NPDES sites

Underlying Geology: Sandstone