Welcome to the Water Quality Portal

This portal provides public access to data collected as part of the Commission's programs to assess and track water quality conditions in the basin. Within the data portal, you will find chemical, biological, and habitat data for rivers and streams in our basin. These data were acquired through single, point-in-time, “grab” samples collected by Commission staff. For continuous water quality data at select locations, please visit the Remote Water Quality Monitoring Website.

Before previewing the data contained in the portal, you may want to become familiar with some of the terminology contained within the datasets by reviewing the following links to information on data collection methods, lab information, macroinvertebrate identificationand project descriptions . In addition, the project web pages listed on the right provide more information for the data in the portal, with the name of the project found in the export file for any results from the portal.

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It is important to note that the Commission collects data annually throughout different portions of the basin, so if there is interest in a stream where no data have been collected to date, please do not hesitate to contact usto offer suggestions.